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Evaluation of Merits and Requirements of Next Generation Traffic Control Systems for Northern Regions Existing Infrastructure
The Northern Region Operations (NRO) of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is currently in the process of developing a Strategic Plan that identifies the vision, goals, objectives, and strategies for Northern Region ITS / Operations. Most of the NRO traffic signal infrastructure is reaching the limit of its operational effectiveness and capabilities based on changing traffic patterns and volumes in the region, and decisions need to be made in a phased step approach regarding field equipment, controller software and in the long term what the “next generation” system should be. The objective of this research is to understand the limits of the existing system under the growing traffic demands and needs, and to determine when/if the existing system should be replaced or re-used and retro-fitted to a certain extent.
Phase I of this project will result in the development of the functional requirements of traffic signal control systems in NRO, and a clear understanding of the gap between these functional requirements and the existing traffic signal system capabilities. Phase II of the project will result in the development of a sound migration plan for traffic signal system hardware and software, both in NOVA and statewide, based on detailed macro-and microscopic simulation analysis and findings on two arterial networks.
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