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A web-based game is developed for the demonstration of driver-behavior at signalized intersections. The game format is carefully designed to supplement the understanding of the class teaching material.

gui_game All players are provided with user identification and PassCode. Once authenticated, The player is given a choice of traffic scenarios to choose from a dropdown menu provided in the game. After the choice is made, the player clicks the Select Scenario button on the interface which loads the selected scenario to the game. These traffic scenarios are adapted from data obtained from a robust microscopic simulation, VISSIM. Along with the loading of the scenario Start the Green button is activated. This starts the game and sets the traffic stream into motion. A countdown timer (Counter) starts ticking down from 40. The player has to decide when to terminate the green and set the yellow signal at the best possible instant in time such that the hazard for the traffic is minimized. The green signal is terminated by clicking on the Stop the Green button. Depending upon the decision outcome, the cars either speed up to cross the intersection or slow down and come to a halt at the intersection.


The game provides a feedback to the player's actions. As an instant feedback, the Hazard value is provided to the player on the screen as a score. The player must aim to minimize the hazard value. The Least possible hazard value for each of the particular scenarios is presented to the player on the web page as Least Hazard Value and the first possible instant of time at which this hazard value can be achieved is shown through Time to Least Hazard Value with respect to the Counter. As a visual feedback the cars caught in the dilemma zone are shown as red and the remaining as green.
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